Executive Coaching Services


Executive Coaching Services: With experience starting and exiting multiple companies, I can help you understand the options that your legal council or investors present to you. Below are some of the things you’ll need to understand:

Company Structure: Corporate structure: C-Corp, LLC, Sole-Proprietorship, Management Team, Board Structure, etc. Equity structure: Common stock, preferred stock, employee equity, stock options, etc.

Team Building: Team: Every team needs a good coach. Every start-up needs a good team to be successful. The make-up of the team is critical. Do you have the right players in the right positions? How is the chemistry between team members? I can help you build a good team. From team building exercises to selecting the right team members, a culture of success comes from having a team that works well together. Everyone needs to be rowing in the same direction, working together to achieve goals.

Hiring/Scaling: When to hire vs. when to outsource. A lot of time can be wasted by making poor hiring decisions. Time is one of your most precious resources.

Raising money: Need to raise money for your start-up? I’ve been on both sides of the table. I can help you craft your elevator pitch, your one pager and your investor presentation. I’ll ask the tough questions before your potential investors put you on the spot.

Valuations: How to position your company for the best valuation.

Investors: Finding the right fit, communicating with investors, time management.

Post Exit Transition: Adjusting to your new life post exit.

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